Local Election 2011 Round-Up: Liberal Democrats

Also making a late dash for my vote are the Liberal Democrats and given the crudity of the leaflet (an A4 bit of paper that has obviously been run off on a standard laser printer) shoved through my letterbox it seems they either forgot or had little to no money to spend. Still, let’s not pre-judge them completely. It may (no laughing at the back) contain something that convinces me to vote for the candidate.

Like the two previous candidates mentioned he also lives in the ward, next door the the Labour candidate as it turns out. That must make for interesting conversations across the fence, no doubt. He also claims to know first hand the problems those of us in the ward face. Strangely I don’t ever recall speaking to him, let alone meeting him so I can only assume that he is a mind reader if he knows what problems I do (or don’t) have.

The only local issues he mentions though are the library (he ups the ante by suggesting it is in need of saving) and the rubbish so it seems that perhaps he and his neighbour do get along quite well.

The next half page covers the result of last year’s local elections when the Lib Dem candidate in this ward narrowly beat the Conservative one and in the process ousted the sitting Independent. Unsurprisingly last year’s victor is enthusiastically endorsing his party compatriot.

This is followed by the need to explain the break down of parties and seats within the ward and I am told that the Lib Dems are neck and neck with the Conservatives in the west of the borough. No mention of the eastern half but I suppose that their utter lack of a councillor out that way is not something they’d wish to trumpet. I am also told that only the Lib Dems can beat the Tories in this ward. No mention that the sitting councillor is an Independent, this is supposedly just a straight slugfest between two parties in collation nationally.

Not that the leaflet mentions the national situation anywhere. There isn’t a sniff of anything from Liberal Democrat high command anywhere on it. Too embarrassed perhaps? Hoping against hope that if they don’t mention it then perhaps the locals won’t give them too much of a kicking? Who knows.

It concludes by making an attack on the sitting administration, accusing them of incompetence, bad decision making and money wasting. All standard fair to be honest, even if former council leader Anna Waite does seem to have spent a lot of time in the local press for all the wrong reasons. However what it doesn’t say, amongst the claims that a Liberal Democrat administration would make things better in the borough, is that the maths is, I believe, against them. The best they can do is become the biggest party and to do that they will need to hang on to their existing seats and win almost everywhere else. That doesn’t seem likely.

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