I shouldn’t laugh…

…but in this case I’m finding it very difficult not to.

Everyone’s least favourite volunteer tax gatherers, UK Uncut, have decided to go after Bono – everyone’s least favourite pious rockstar* – claiming that he (and U2) avoid tax. (Warning, what figures are shown are courtesy of Richard Murphy.)

Now, as much as I think Bono should shut up, stop singing and crawl back into whichever hole he crawled out of, I have no problem with him wanting to reduce his tax bill by all available means – and I imagine what he has avoided over the years would probably make the £4m that had Adele admitting she was ‘ready to go and buy a gun and randomly open fire‘ look like chicken feed.

And, just to complete the circle of deliciousness, the wannabe tax collectors are planning on protesting at Glastonbury on the same day that U2 are headlining the Pyramid stage.

It truly would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

* Yes, I realise that this is a close call between him and Bob ‘give us your fucking money’ Geldof.

A tip of the hat to @heytherewombat for bringing this to my attention.


  1. Katabasis says:

    Too funny.

    I hope someone catches the reactions of other Glastonbury-goers on video….

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Don’t either the Beeb or ITV usually have some coverage of the festival? It would be interesting to see if either of them report this (assuming it happens).

  2. Will this actually take the record for the most expensive and middle class demo ever?

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Whilst this will probably score on the first, I think that the Countryside Alliance march wins on the second.

  3. Ed P says:

    Waddya mean, “stop singing”? Bonio cannot sing at all!