“Sugar and spice and all things nice…”

Well, well, who would have thought it? It turns out that the ball-breaking harridan Harriet Harman we all know and love hate is just a front put up by the real Harriet who is, apparently, so meek and mild that she needs protecting from all the nasty men.

I mean, what other conclusion can possibly be drawn from revelation that this year’s Labour Party conference will have a women only session entitled ‘What Women Want’?

Before you feel that I am being too harsh on Mrs Dromey (if that is at all possible) it is seems that it is not just poor Harriet who feels this way as the session came about after ‘what is described as an “uprising” by female members’.

The session will be led by the senior Labour female figures of Harman, Yvette Cooper (aka Mrs Balls), Baroness Royall and Baroness Scotland and whilst the agenda is as yet unknown they are canvassing opinion from the female membership and expect that:

There will be formal resolutions based on suggestions from female members, who are being invited to the platform to put their case on education, childcare, the economy and the NHS, as well as party rules.

Presumably because none of these issues matter at all to the male members of the Labour party?

It will not be entirely women only though as Labour leader Ed Milliband will be allowed in, with a source telling the Independent that “Ed will be there as an honorary woman”. What such an ‘honour’ says about Ed’s masculinity I leave to the speculation of reader…


  1. jameshigham says:

    Why is it that when I see that name H****** H*****, I begin to growl like a dog?

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      The son of someone I know once went out with Harman’s daughter. Opinion is that she is as bad as her mother but her mother has learnt to hide it better.

  2. Uncle Albert says:

    What women want ?
    Well,let’s see.
    Mrs Dromey wants a nice safe seat for her husband, Baroness Scotland wants a cleaning lady, Mrs Balls wants her husband’s job, and the other one wants a higher profile ?

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Jack Dromey landed himself the fairly safe seat of Birmingham Erdington in the 2010 General Election.

      If memory serves the Labour PPC for that election should have been picked from an all woman short-list but the person who should have shown up at the meeting to make it so didn’t. That person? Mrs Dromey…