Happy New Year

By the time you read this 2011 will have finally – and thankfully – winked out of existence. I was thinking of doing a review of the year but quite frankly 20011 has, in all honesty, been so full of stupidity, fascism and general moronic behaviour that it was just to damn depressing to do.

Instead may I propose a toast to the new year?

May 2012 be the year when our species finally starts to grow up and stop acting like a spoilt child.

*chinks glass*


  1. I’m drinking some (wedding present) champagne to that proposal right now. Hope 2012 is a doozy for you, MG. :)

  2. JuliaM says:

    Here’s to 2012!

  3. witteringwitney says:

    A superb 2012 to you too MG!

  4. jameshigham says:

    The trick is:

    1. To find a way to keep the party going;
    2. Get rid of 2012 as well.