Meat, glorious meat…

Given that it is the Christmas silly season, stupidity from those who think that they are our betters is only to be expected. Thus, on the heels of David Cameron saying he wants minimum pricing for alcohol, we have Professor Tim Lang of City University, an advisor to Department for the Elimination/Eradication of Farming and Rural Affairs under the last government and now on the Mayor of London’s Food Board, telling us that we eat too much meat.

*pauses for a bacon sandwich*

According to the good prof, we should go back to those times when meat was only consumed on high days and holidays. If we did this we would supposedly be healthier (less obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes) and help Gaia all at the same time.

*pauses for a medium rare fillet steak*

It would appear that Tim needs to study his history a bit more because, whilst he is correct to say that meat consumption was lower, he doesn’t appear to understand why this was.

Put simply, they were poorer. In the middle ages (and I accept I am generalising here) the serfs working the fields for their feudal landlord only ate meat at certain times because they couldn’t afford to have it every day. The wealthy (the nobility and the clergy) though could and thus did eat meat pretty much on daily basis.

Thankfully for all of us things have changed for the better since then. The majority of us are no longer breaking our backs working the land in the hope of growing enough that, once tithes are taken into account, we can afford to feed ourselves and our families. The revolutions in agriculture and industry from the 18th century onwards meant that more food was produced for less effort and thus real term costs fell.

I would suggest to Tim that, in future, he consults his university’s history department but looking at their website it appears that City University does not have one…

Or is he, as seems common with the Green agenda, suggesting that we throw out almost three hundred years of progress and go back being subsistence farmers? Only this time, no doubt, it will be with him and his fellow travellers as the feudal landlords…

I’m hungry. Who’s for some pork scratchings?


  1. JuliaM says:

    I’m having brunch today – sausages, bacon, black pudding. Little Timmy can have muesli if he wants, I don’t mind…

  2. witteringwitney says:

    Ye Gods, when will these people desist from instructing us how to live our lives? My one wish is for them to meat their comeuppance in the immediate future – like today…….

  3. Bucko says:

    Didn’t kings used to eat entire legs of cow just by like, picking them up and chewing on them?
    Anyway, meat isn’t that cheap these days. It’s not like we binge on it, but listening to this muppet I won’t be surprised when someone calls for minimum cow pricing.

  4. MTG says:

    Sausages and black pudding in the morning, Julia?
    I do hope you take precautions ;)

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Seeing as this is your first time on my blog Melvin, I’m going to give you this one warning. Abusing me or your fellow commentators for the sheer hell of it will not be tolerated. If you can’t keep a civil tongue then please do not bother to comment.

  5. Andy says:

    Couldnt we just eat the quangocrats? they`re not an endangered species,so many of them in fact that they are getting to be a bit of a pest.