Local Elections 2012

In my ward there are 6 candidates standing: Conservative, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat and 2 Independents.

Only three of these (Green, Lab, Ind) live in the ward. The sitting councillor (Ind) isn’t one of them.

Leaflets were received from only two candidates (Lab, LD). The LD one didn’t even give their candidate’s name.

The Labour candidate is a perennial one.

So, if I follow my usual rules of not voting for anyone who

  1. doesn’t live in the ward, and/or
  2. doesn’t bother to try and solicit my vote

then I’m left either voting Labour or spoiling my ballot paper.

Anyone got any good insults?


  1. The Thought Gang says:

    We’ve got a mayoral referendum here. I’ve received nothing but a voting card. Well, actually, it’s not even a card anymore.. it’s a piece of paper. Our city council, being almost entirely Labour, does not want a Mayor which might threaten their cosy setup.. and evidently whatever other parties might be expected to give a fuck don’t, actually, give a fuck.

    Democracy, eh! Lolz.

  2. WitteringsfromWitney says:

    You are more than capable of thinking of a cutting remark from what I have noticed on Twitter…… :)

  3. Brentfordian says:

    Answer’s obvious: you have to stand for election. Although, as a Libertarian, this may go against the grain – and if it does, why are you wondering who to vote for?