Roulez, roulez, vous obtenez un emploi ici…*

It appears that the French, having thrown out Sarkozy in May, are rapidly losing faith in his replacement as well. This in and of itself is hardly newsworthy but what caught my attention was this:

The French government announced a €2.3bn programme to create jobs for 150,000 young people without skills […]

By my maths that makes works out at about 15,333 (plus shrapnel) EUR per job. Which, given that the dead hand of government is involved, seems far too cheap. I assume, therefore, that that figure is what will be paid to the recipients of the non-jobs which they intend to create in an attempt to massage their unemployment figures and that the administration costs haven’t been taken into account.

Translating this into a slightly less worthless fiat currency, it works out at approximately 12,140 GBP or fractionally under the our minimum wage (assuming a 40hr week).

Although labelled “jobs for the future”, critics dismissed the scheme as an old-fashioned “make-work” programme. The state will pay 75 per cent of wages for youngsters hired by councils or voluntary organisations to take part in environmental, social, cultural or sports projects.

[Labour Minister Michel] Sapin said the scheme – which will create 100,000 jobs in the public sector and 50,000 in the private sector by 2014 […].

And the critics would be right. 150,000 people taking more money from the French taxpayer than they would be if they were on benefits is not really the way to run a railroad.

Still, if Hollande wants to wreck his economy by being foolish, who am I to argue? If only it weren’t also happening over here

* Roll-up, roll-up, get yourself a job here…


  1. Simon Cooke says:

    We had a thing called “Future Jobs Fund” in the UK where youngsters were hired for six months on minimum wage by voluntary organisations, charities and other “socially valuable” organisations. All paid for by the government. It was very good business for those of involved in managing the programme! It was the first programme scrapped by IDS in 2010.

    I wonder where M. Hollande got the idea from!

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Oh, this is not a new piece of stupidity but rather just the latest re-incarnation of an old one. Lionel Jospin was responsible for something similar across the Channel back in 1997. One might even argue that Gordon Brown’s massive expansion of the number of people employed by the UK State was just a less obvious example.

    • ReefKnot says:

      All paid for by the taxpayer.

      There, corrected that for you.

  2. Furor Teutonicus says:

    I suspect the idea is what we have here in Germany. We call them “1€ jobs”.

    Basically, you get 1,50€ per hour, for 4 to five hours per WORK day (also five days per week), to help in old fogie homes, or pick litter, or as my wife has done, go around measuring doorways of local shops/pubs/etc, to see if a wheel chair can fit through.

    THAT is a story in it’s self. My Wife did JUST that. Then, because she is prety snazzi with excel, she set up the data bank. The idea being, they would make a “guide” for disabled accsess shops, etc.

    Thing is, two years later, she was offered this “job” again. Only to find that ALL her data was still there, but had never been used, and in between another THREE “groups” had collected the same data!

    THAT is what they mean by “creating jobs”, and YOU me, and the bloody postman and milkman are paying for it.

    For make no mistake, the money comes from the E.U. And as far as money goes, the ONLY place THEY get money from is US.

    The beuty of the whole thing is; “If you are on one of these schemes, you are NOT registered as ‘unemployed'”.

    Work that one out France.

  3. jameshigham says:

    It’s astounding how people fall for the same lines over and over and over.