Crawling out of the woodwork

Australia’s crusade to make their country more attractive to smugglers whilst trying to stop people using the product of the tobacco plant continues with the news that, as of now, people entering the country will only be allowed to bring in two packs of smokes under duty-free rules. Bring in anything more and you have a choice (ha!) between having your cigarettes stolen or your wallet looted.

Moving (physically although not spiritually) away from the convicts, it appears that the recent antics of the tobacco control fools in Tasmania has led to their real goal becoming more and more transparent – not that it was well disguised to the more realistic members of the proletariat.

Whilst it is perhaps no surprise that the government of Singapore* is considering a similar legislation to Tasmania, it seems that the Finns are also thinking about it as well. To someone who hasn’t kept as close eye as some on the tobacco control lobby this was more surprising but some googling reveals that Finland is something of an early adopter when it comes to controlling tobacco.

Lest however you think that this mania is just something Johnny Foreigner is getting himself worked up about, news emerges of something closer to home:

GUERNSEY is set to demonstrate ‘similarly bold measures’ to a potential ban on cigarette sales to anyone born after the year 2000, the Guernsey Adolescent Smokefree Project chairman has said.

GASP (how original!) is, I’m sure you’ll be shocked to hear, at least partly funded by the Guernsey taxpayer

This silliness though isn’t just confined to a group of islands too close to France for their own good.

Senior doctors and anti-smoking campaigners have told Sky News they are working towards making the UK a no smoking nation within the next 20 years.

Leading specialist Professor John Britton has called on the Government to back the goal, describing it as entirely realistic.

“Andrew Lansley could make himself a legacy greater than that of almost any other Health Secretary in history,” Professor Britton, who chairs the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, said.

Yes folks, things have come so far in recent times that the ultimate goal of the tobacco control lobby is now openly admitted to after so many years of pretending otherwise whilst they incrementally shifted the goal posts just that little bit closer to their destination with the passing of each piece of dictatorial legislation.

I would say that alcohol will be next but that campaign, along with the one against the wrong types of food, has been underway for a while.

Forget the various bastardisations of the Pastor Niemoller quote, they have (unless you are a non-smoking, teetotaller who has never eaten anything unhealthy in your life) already come for you. Do you fight as they drag you off for re-education or do you meekly surrender and become the drone that they want you to be?

* Pretty much a dictatorship in all but name.


  1. SadButMadLad says:

    With the population of Guernsey being only about 65,000 there aren’t going to be a huge number of adolescents on the islands. And taking into account that the number of those actually smoking is going to be in the low tens of percentage there are going to be very young smokers. So GASP will have an easy job and then they can crow about how they changed their small world – which will then be picked up by every other puritanical organisation as “proof” that banning cigarettes to those born after 2000 really does work and it can be made to work for the whole world. Very dangerous. GASP should not be allowed any success as it will be used as the first of many small steps by the anti-tobacco groups.

  2. Nightlurker says:

    What I would like to know is who do these fools think will pay for the tax revenue lost when smoking and booze is banned? It certainly will not be made up by the “savings” to the health service. The doctors will find something else to cure with that money.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Probation, if enacted, will cost governments dear… until they raise taxes across the board to pay for the shortfall – at which point it will cost smokers, drinkers, non-smokers and teetotallers alike more.

      And as there will still be smoking and drinking, crime will go up as everyone who likes a puff or a tipple instantly becomes a criminal.

      Treble fails all round.