“Do you wanna see me do the shimmy again?”

Sandra White MSPThe latest prohibitionist to come to my attention is one Sandra White, SNP MSP for Glasgow Kelvin. Ms White, it seems, has a bit of a bee in her bonnet about lap dancing clubs. In fact she dislikes them so much she would like to give councils in Scotland the power to close down each and every one of them without fearing any legal come back:

Glasgow MSP Sandra White is calling for laws to ensure all Scottish councils are given powers to refuse applications – and to choose to close down all lap dancing clubs.


Ms White, who believes lap dancing is exploitative to women and that it is a front for the sex trade, will propose clubs should be subject to a strict licensing regime.

This would let councils set the acceptable local number at zero. The SNP MSP is ready to lodge a Private Member’s Bill, which will then go to consultation.

She said: “I feel so strongly about this and that is why I’m going down this route. This would give councillors the choice to say if one lap dancing club is too many.

“Under this legislation they would be able to decide that and not risk being taken to court by lap dancing club owners.

“It would not be mandatory and the decision would lie with each local authority.

“I am hopeful this legislation will be passed eventually.”

Yes, that’s right, apparently we can make the lap dancers safer by driving their places of employment* underground. Could someone please remind me how that approach made the lives of prostitutes and drug users safer?

This isn’t Ms White’s first go either. Her last try, two years ago, was rejected by 76 votes to 45 despite being backed by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill. The Scottish Government has signalled that it will back her again.

The only crumb of comfort that I can see is that she didn’t try to claim that ‘it is for the children’. Perhaps she’s saving that for the next attempt (assuming that this one fails)?

* My understanding of the matter is that lap dancers are typically self-employed and pay a sum to the club owner to work there. In return they keep what money they make from the punters.


  1. JuliaM says:

    Great title! And, I suspect, part of her problem is it’s unlikely to ever have been asked of her.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Given the subject matter I found myself strangely unable to resist using a line from that song somewhere. :)

  2. Agammamon says:

    “She said: “I feel so strongly about this and that is why I’m going down this route. This would give councillors the choice to say if one lap dancing club is too many.”

    Its always amazing when I see people who blatantly assume that the government has the only say in what businesses are desired. She wants the council to be able to decide – what about the *people* of the community? Obviously osmeone thinks these clubs are worthwhile or else they’d have gone out of business a long time ago. People like White love the heckler’s veto – things will only be permitted as long as *noone* objects to them.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      It’s more straight-forward than that: Ms White hates lap-dancing clubs and, as she is in a position to impose her will on others, will use the power which comes with it to do just that.

      See also Claire Perry on internet pornography, Sarah Wollaston on tobacco and alcohol, and plenty of other examples.

      And people wonder why I’m in favour of a small, perhaps even non-existent, State…

  3. Olly says:

    Sheesh MG… I was half expecting a video of you shimmying :-)

    Back on topic… Typical council knob jockey. “You voted for me therefore I have the power to do as I desire, not as you desire.”

    *mumble grumble council bastards mumble grumble*

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      The only shimmying I’m ever going to do for you is in the direction of the bar to buy another round. :)

      As for the rest… it is only to be expected.

  4. Ed P says:

    “The SNP MSP is ready to lodge a Private Members Bill – ooh, missus!
    D’ya think she ever enjoys a private member herself?
    Sorry, but that face just exudes frustration.

  5. jameshigham says:

    Damn. You got me right in with that title.

  6. MTG says:

    Nothing moves like an elegant female and nothing moves faster than a man hoping for a glimpse of the action. I dashed to this topic with great expectations which were immediately dashed by JuliaM’s miaaaaaaaaaaarawow.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      If you want to make snarky comments about Julia, Melvin, may I suggest you make them on her blog – like you normally do? As I told you the last time you made a comment here, I would it if prefer that you kept a civil tongue and refrained from abusing your fellow commentators.

  7. Single Acts of Tyranny says:

    Admission ~ I’ve never been in a lap dancing bar, and probably never will. That said, I don’t know what other people think, so I don’t want to meddle in other folks affairs.

    Front for prostitution ? Maybe, some. So what? Others really just seem to be dancing clip joints.

    Second admission ~ I know a lap dancer. A really pretty girl in her early twenties, seemingly not drug-addled. She told me her best ever night was over two grand sterling. She told me she was offered a BMW for a night’s ‘intimate pleasure’ but she doesn’t drive a German car so I guess she must have declined.

    Bottom line? I bet no-one ever really wanted Sandra White MSP that much. And that’s the truth of it.