It takes two three to tango

The Prat: Linney House

His “What on Earth were his parents thinking forename” aside, Linney came to the attention of the world over the weekend for posting a picture of himself on Facebook burning a poppy. Assuming that he obtained this poppy by legal means then he is perfectly entitled to dispose of it in any manner he so desires so long as he doesn’t cause harm to other people during the process. People, especially veterans or those involved with veterans’ groups, may find this distasteful and offensive but that does not mean it should be illegal.

The Fall-guys: Kent Police

Acting on a complaint received, officers from this force arrested Linney. Why they felt the need to do this rather than tell the complainant to stop wasting their time, I haven’t the foggiest. No doubt speculation on the subject will throw up the usual ‘answers’ of diversity, targets, political correctness, the need to be seen to be doing something etc etc but regardless of the reason they have hardly covered themselves in glory in this matter.

The Informant(s): @tinacasuals

If it hadn’t been for this person (or perhaps persons given the reoccurring use of the third person in tweets sent by this account) then Linney’s stupidity may have remained his personal shame. Ok, his and anyone who could see his Facebook profile – which would appear to everyone. A lesson in privacy settings for young Linney, me thinks.

It is ‘Tina’ and her like who are the problems here. Gleefully reporting people whose actions they disapprove of to the apparatus of the State – and cheered on by the useful idiots who agree with them but wouldn’t act as informants themselves – each and every one of these willing collaborators assists the State in its ongoing assault on the freedoms and liberties previously enjoyed by the population.

Somewhere the spirit of Erich Mielke is smiling at his posthumous victory.


  1. Robert the Biker says:

    Oh dearie me….
    All the PC ‘no one must be offended’ coming back to bite is it?
    If this requires no action from Plod (and I would agree with that) then I should be free again to burn a koran, say how Mo was a child molester and protest with the EDL about creeping sharia. Why do I think this will still be a problem?

    • JuliaM says:

      Because you’re a very wise man, Robert.. ;)

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      You should indeed be free to do all of those without fearing that you’ll have plod busting down your door. Like you though I suspect that someone from the perpetually offended brigade will complain and plod will react. :(

  2. Bucko says:

    I’ve a mind to follow Tina on Twitter in the hope that she says something, anything, that I could take as being offensive to me so I could report her to the police and show her what it feels like.
    The trouble is, I could never be that person.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Whilst it would certainly be poetic justice, I, like you, could never bring myself to stoop to her level.

    • sadbutmadlad says:

      I thought about this too, but I would find it very difficult to be offended by them. Also if I could push to find something that could potentially be offensive, the police probably wouldn’t do anything as it wouldn’t come under the politically correct offence. I’ve tried complaining about adverts to the ASA but always get rejected. But it only need one person to complain for the ASA to stop a multi-million pound advert like the recent case of the Toyota CGI advert where the car breaks through into reality. Maybe it’s the special right one leftie words one uses to make the complaint?

  3. jaded says:

    I despair sometimes at the actions of my colleagues.I hope someone got a bollocking.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      It would be nice to hope so Jaded but I suspect it won’t happen. Indeed, it wouldn’t surprise me if they forwarded the matter to the CPS and they decided to prosecute.