Pass the bottle

According to the clowns at fake charity Alcohol Concern, today marks that start of Alcohol Awareness Week.

As a responsible drinker, I consider it my duty to be very much aware of how much alcohol I have available to me at any one moment – as well as where the nearest licensed premises is. Currently at home I have:

  • 28 beers
  • 5 bottles of red wine
  • 2 70cl bottles of vodka
  • 1 35cl bottle of Jack Daniel’s
  • 1 bottle of Cava
  • 2 0.2cl bottles of Rotkäppchen*

I think that is enough to get me through the next week.

This is what they mean by being alcohol aware, isn’t it?

* I have no idea how, why, when or where these came into my possession. I suspect alcohol was involved.


  1. Jess says:

    No white wine? Clearly you are not aware of the finer things ;)

  2. David says:

    This week seems to be triple booked. I am told it is also “Prisoners’ Week” and, according to this morning’s Thought for the Day, some other “Wibble Week” too.

  3. macheath says:

    It is a truth universally acknowledged that every drinks cupboard will contain at least one item of completely unexplained origin.

    However, the absence of the usual assortment of superannuated liqueurs and the kind of duty-free spirits that somehow lose all their appeal under Britain’s cloudy skies implies an enviable level of self-discipline on your part.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      I suspect that it is less to do with self-discipline and more to do with a lack of travelling to places where I might obtain such items.

      • macheath says:

        ..and, perhaps, to your discrimination in not having friends or relatives who – at a loss for gift ideas – decide that you’d appreciate a bottle of ouzo or a liqueur so peculiar that even my 19-year-old son (whose lack of a discriminatory palate is, I’m afraid, legendary) won’t touch it.

        • Misanthrope Girl says:

          Thankfully my family have always worked to the principle of never buy something for someone you wouldn’t drink yourself. Which is why my brother only brings lemonade. Yes, we do think he is the milkman’s get. ;)

    • Demelza says:

      I remember when some friends moved house and we inherited their “odd bottles of weird stuff” as they cleared out. Neither Mrs D nor I drink anything distilled, so they clogged up the drinks cupboard for some years then mysteriously disappeared. I suspect Mrs D may have disposed of them in a safe and environmentally friendly manner.

      Metro this morning said it was also something else week – I’ve instantly forgotten what. Of course, any “X week” is always a publicity stunt, a desperate attempt to get free airtime, the sibling of the “new study by the institute of dodgy biased research for the highest bidder”.

      It is also the first week of Advent in Milan, where they follow the Ambrosian liturgical calendar. Those of us on the Roman calendar still have another fortnight to wait.

  4. Bucko says:

    I’m on the home brew now. It’s saving me a fortune and tastes surprisingly good as long as you follow the instructions.

    There is one curiosity in my drinks cabinet. It’s a bottle of champagne that’s valued a one hundred Euros. A guy at work who doesn’t drink won a hamper of booze in a raffle and sold it to me for twenty quid. I don’t know how the expensive champers got there and only found out it’s worth when I Googled it to find out what the hell it was.

  5. jameshigham says:

    Yes, I need to get back into the vodka a bit – nice for the winter.

  6. All round yours, then. I’ll be the one pissing everyone off by dictating the music. ;)

  7. […] that to pass on useful tips for the alcohol aware through out the week. Another responsible drinker Misanthrope Girl pointed out that as a responsible drinker one should be aware of how much alcohol one has to hand […]

  8. That’s a commendable approach to alcohol awareness you have there and has spurred me into taking stock of my own paltry store – I am going to have to take steps to avoid a dry Christmas.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Ditto. I wonder if any responsible supermarket is doing a 25% off promotion this week?

      • I’m suddenly inspired to break my “no supermarkets” rule and do a bit of research to tweet the best deals via their hashtag

        • Misanthrope Girl says:

          I’m sure that they would approve of such a selfless and socially responsible endeavour.