Globalisation: A life saver

One of the goals of the anti-capitalist morons who occasionally fill the streets of developed world is an end to globalisation. Heck, the loonies in Green Party think that an end to globalisation is the route to prosperity for all. No, I don’t understand their logic either.

The silliness of the localisation idea was, at least to my mind, proven when I saw a piece in the FT during the week about the bread manufacturer Hovis:

Hovis, one of the UK’s top-selling breads, is to abandon its pledge to use only British wheat in its loaves following rain-blighted harvests.

Hovis will start using EU grain from this weekend. The move is another blow for UK farmers, who are already reeling from the relentless rains that made 2012 the second-wettest year on record and cost £1.3bn in agricultural damage and its aftermath.


The UK’s wheat yield fell by 14 per cent last year, according to the National Farmers Union. As a result, the country’s wheat imports are forecast to more than double to 2m tonnes. Since 2011 the price of bread has risen by 4.3 per cent, ahead of the 3.7 per cent rate for general food inflation.

That’s right, because last summer was so awful that the wheat harvest was almost one seventh down on 2011 the company has had to look elsewhere or reduce its output.

Now imagine a similar shortage across everything produced by UK farmers and no option to import any food stuffs from abroad…

Long live globalisation.


  1. JuliaM says:

    No UK wheat? Let them eat cake!

    Errrr. Wait…

  2. jameshigham says:

    They could fill them with horsemeat.