Spot the difference

Last night (and I assume also this morning), one of these images was causing outrage amongst the professional offended whilst the other went fairly much unnoticed.

Front page, The Star, 15th February

Front page, Daily Star, 15th February

Would anyone be able to explain to me why this should be the case without using the word ‘Murdoch’?


  1. Demelza says:

    One of these is in a title owned by a pornographer. The other is the subject of great outrage.

  2. The Jannie says:

    He’s filed a defence but he hasn’t got a leg to stand on.

  3. The Thought Gang says:

    The Star is an irrelevant comic. The Sun is (supposedly) hugely popular and influential. Fuck the professionally outraged, like.. but on the basis that there needs to be a specific target to be outraged at, this is a rare case of them choosing the most appropriate one.