Logical fallacy

Self-styled ‘Child Protection Expert’ and teller of tall tales about Jimmy Savile and Duncroft, Mark Williams-Thomas (MWT), has – I assume in order to be able to pontificate in great detail via any media outlet which will let him – been keeping a beady eye on the trials of Mark Bridger and Stuart Hazell, and today came out with these words of wisdom…

MWT’s argument here is that if you do, watch or indulge in X then Y will happen as night follows day. By the same logic the following statements are true:

  • All cannabis users will take harder drugs such as crack cocaine, heroin etc.
  • Anyone who has watched pornography will become a rapist.
  • Owning a firearm means that one day you will walk into a school and massacre a classroom full of children.

But, since we know that they aren’t, you really do have to be a complete cretin to assert that possessing an image of child abuse (as distasteful as it is) means that you will automatically become a killer of children for kicks.


  1. Demz says:

    So did Ian Brady and Myra Hindley have access to some early form of child pornography, or might there be other reasons why adults torture, abuse and murder children?

  2. JuliaM says:

    Interesting too that the two cases currently in the media only had their interest in porn come to light AFTER they were arrested for murder!