Another dangerous criminal safely locked up

Wayne Stilwell is, to be frank, an idiot.

For reasons known only to himself, he decided on 31st January this year to waste good bacon by taking it to Edinburgh Central Mosque and leaving it there.

Since anyone with half a brain cell knows that Muslims tend not to be too keen on pork products, this action was only going to cause offence.

All rather pathetic but nothing that the proverbial clip round the ear couldn’t have sorted out.

Sadly the Scottish judicial system decided that it wanted to keep this farce rolling for a bit longer and Stilwell was charged with a breach of the peace. According to Wikipedia, Scottish law defines this as

conduct severe enough to cause alarm to ordinary people and threaten serious disturbance to the community.

A very generous catch-all, I’m sure you’ll agree, given how alarmed ordinary people seem to get these days over rather innocuous things.

Stilwell, who has been held at HMP Edinburgh since pleading guilty, was handed a 10 month sentence on Tuesday.

10 months? For admitting to being a total prat? Huhne and Pryce only got 8 months apiece for perverting the course of justice, and Julia regularly mentions cases where habitual offenders get less than that for property and violent crimes.

Could someone please explain to me why taking Stilwell off the streets for 10 months (less once you consider probation etc) makes Scotland safer because from here it is a sentence that makes as much sense those handed down to Barry Thew, Matthew Woods and Jacqueline Woodhouse amongst others.


  1. Bunny says:

    Why does sentencing like this and that of Jacqueline Woodhouse you mention above make me think that we are being lined up for a change of management to that of an Islamic flavour?

    • Furor Teutonicus says:

      Why do you think they are on this “Anti drink” campaign?

      It is not because they are concerned with our health, it is to appease, smooth the goround and make ready for the sand nigger bastards to make the final push.

      By which time the public will not notice the difference, because it “was already like thet any way,” and, therefore, any opposition is removed before hand.

  2. Yet while people are being banged up for stupid but harmless things, Islamic hate preachers are allowed to spread their hate filled bollocks with impunity.

    Oh and Bunny, Islamic governance for Britain, not on my f**king watch nor that of many many others.

  3. Jack Savage says:

    The sentence is disproportionate, but….personally, I am happy for such stupid people to be made an example of. Ludicrous antics like this only serve to distract and prevent people realising the very real threat to Western Civilisation posed by radical Islam.

    @ Furor

    I understand and share your furor..but your language detracts from your argument rather than augments it, in my opinion.

    • Misanthrope Girl says:

      Naming and shaming such idiots works for me. Locking them up is a waste of my money.