So, what’s this all about then?

This is a new blog for me, although I am not new to blogging as I have another one (which some of you may know) elsewhere.

So why another one? It is because I have a wish to start blogging on less personal stuff, turning my attention to politics and current events and I feel that the ethos and personality of my existing blog do not suit it becoming a platform for my political views and opinions. That is not to say that I haven’t covered such things on there but I feel the time has come to not annoy any of the remaining readership any further. To that end I am starting up this blog.

Since I am going to be discussing politics, it behoves me to let you know where I stand and what I believe in. The short answer would be that I am a Libertarian and that as such I believe in the freedom of the individual from the state and advocate personal responsibility. I believe that the responsibilities of the state should be as few as possible and that it should always be subject to the will of the people rather than the other way around.

I did not however start out that way. I grew up in a conservative household with parents who, whilst believing that people should take responsibility for themselves, are also narrow-minded in respect of lifestyles that they do not approve of – attitudes that I myself didn’t begin to shake off until my teens as I became more aware of the world around me and didn’t fully ditch until I became more aware of myself in my 20s. Indeed these days my own life choices are a cause of tension between myself and my parents. I did though vote conservative in my first three general elections (1997, 2001, 2005) as I saw Blair as nothing more than a socialist with a veneer of respectability. It was only after Cameron won the leadership of the Conservative party though that I began to question my allegiances as the more I saw of him and his policies the less I liked.

It was in mid-2008 that, whilst looking for something, I stumbled across Ambush Predator and via her the likes of The Devil’s Kitchen and eventually the Libertarian Party. Until then I hadn’t heard the term Libertarian and certainly did not realise that there was a small political party in the UK that had those views. As I investigated further I discovered that unlike other smaller, but more vocal, parties this one shared my abhorrence of the overarching state and the ‘something-for-nothing’ culture that exists. I finally joined them shortly after the 2010 general election.

Sadly, because of the fallout from the revelations on the Anna Raccoon blog regarding the financial probity of the party leader I felt that I could not renew my membership when it lapsed in 2011.

Not for me, wanting power over others. That is the creed of the big state parties and their fellow travellers. I’d much prefer to see it returned to those who just want to get on with their lives without interference. However if I were to be a dictator I’d like to hope I would be in the ‘Lord Vetinari‘ mould. :)

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