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What’s in a word?

Nothing, it seems, if you are Richard Murphy. Always looking to attack those of us who believe in a smaller state and lower taxes, Murphy sent these tweets which purport to show that the think tank The Adam Smith Institute is government funded:

Which, to anyone who knows even a little about the ASI, seems odd… especially given that they don’t disclose where their money comes from.

If we read the (Gruniad) article to which Ritchie links we find this (my emphasis):

Attention has focused on the activities of Adam Smith International (ASI), a “leading international advisory firm” that is dedicated to promoting the “benefits of competition, good government and individual liberty”. Over 70% of ASI’s income now comes from the Department for International Development. The ASI’s managing director, William Morrison, received £1.3m in total pay and dividends in 2010.

Would it be libel to accuse him of deliberately lying to his followers?

MG on the loose in June

Events to consider avoiding in June include:

Lost Causes: The Retreat from Classical Liberalism

Society is cracking. Lurching from economic disaster to social decay, our modern day is plagued by sickness. Deepak Lal, world-renowned economist, tackles the hidden roots of our problems in his visionary book Lost Causes.

Date: 12th June
Time: 1830 – 2000
Location: IEA, 2 Lord North Street, London, SW1 3LB
Further details

The Ayn Rand Lecture: The Long-term Consequences of the Financial Crisis

Speaker: John A. Allison, former CEO of BB&T

Mr Allison is a strong proponent of Ayn Rand’s Objectivist philosophy, and his lecture will also explore the profound philosophic causes of and cures for the economic problems we face today.

Date: 21st June
Time: 1845 – 2000
Location: Drapers’ Hall, Throgmorton Street, London, EC2N 2AN
Further details

An Occasional Lecture: Crony Capitalism vs. Entrepreneurial Capitalism

Speaker: Fred L Smith Jr, President and Founder, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC

Why does Crony Capitalism (a societal negative sum game) wax while Entrepreneurial Capitalism (a very positive sum game) wanes? “Even the most rational commentators,” a recent book noted, “believe that companies bribe, lie and cheat as a matter of routine.” Of course, some do but is that really a good (or even profitable) business plan? As Schumpeter noted long ago, if crony capitalists are the only face of business, entrepreneurial capitalism is unlikely to survive.

Date: 26th June
Time: 1830 – 2000
Location: IEA, 2 Lord North Street, London, SW1 3LB
Further details

Drinking will, of course, be in moderation…

Potential sights of MG in May

For those who are interested in either say ‘Hi’ – or simply knowing where is best avoided at certain times – I shall be at the following events in May:

The End of Online Free Speech?

The Manifesto Club’s Josie Appleton will be discussing the threats to free speech online at this month’s meeting of The Next Generation. With one person recently jailed for making racist comments on Twitter and increasing government crackdowns on offensive speech online, this topic is more important to discuss than ever.

Date: 8th May
Time: 1800 – 2000
Location: Adam Smith Institute, 23 Great Smith Street, London SW1P 3BL
Further details

Drugs: The War We Never Fought

The Institute of Economic Affairs invites you to attend an exclusive head-to-head debate on Drugs: The War We Never Fought.

Date: 16th May
Time: 1830 – 2000
Location: IEA, 2 Lord North Street, London, SW1 3LB
Further details

I shall no doubt be drinking for several hours after the official part of the evening has concluded…

However I won’t, no doubt to Simon’s dismay, be attending the Libertarian Home drinks on the 3rd. This is not because I’m at the ASI’s Free Market Fairness event but because the early May bank holiday weekend is when the annual Sci-Fi London event is held and consequentially I shall be indulging my inner geek for a few days, as well as sticking my head around the door at the ‘first Thursday’ drinks of the London sci-fi crowd on the 3rd for the first time since December.

No doubt I shall see some of you at some – or all – of the aforementioned.