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On women bishops

On Tuesday the Church of England (CofE) did, as we know, reject the idea of promoting women to its middle management layer (despite having had several as Chairman of the Board) because, although the majority voted in favour, the necessary threshold wasn’t quite reached.

Ordinarily I couldn’t care less about the membership and management structures of clubs of which I am not a member – with the exception of the odd midnight mass I parted company with the CofE over two decades ago – but, with 26 members sitting in the upper chamber of parliament and thus able to influence legislation, the CofE is hardly your normal private members club.

Given then that I and everyone else in the country is in some way affected by their actions, I have, as the Americans say, some skin in the game. I do therefore wonder why this branch of the state is allowed to maintain such a mindset when the state forbids other public organisations from doing so?

If however the CofE disestablishes itself from its parasitical host body then I will happily defend their right to be as 16th Century in their attitude to women as they please.