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Some common sense on Corporation Tax?

It seems that there are some encouraging signs of common sense amongst UK politicians on the subject of Corporation Tax:

David Cameron will be challenged to grant Northern Ireland special status on lower corporation tax during his visit to the province on Tuesday.


Northern Ireland’s power-sharing government has been arguing for a low corporation tax similar to the regime in the Irish Republic where it is 12.5% and regarded as a key factor in attracting foreign direct investment. The UK’s corporation tax rate is currently 24%.

The Stormont executive claims the province is a special case in the UK because it shares a land border with a state which has such a low corporation tax system against which the north cannot compete.

Ok, it’s only Northern Ireland and they acting out of self-interest but at least they are prepared to take a reasonable position on the subject. Not that I expect that the present or (likely immediate) future occupants of Downing Street listen though.